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Design Portfolio

A Major Remodel 

"This was such a fun project, consulting on the design and finishes of this remodel - I worked along side my client and really good friend(she has awesome taste and ideas) and a team of architects and contractors. The project took most of the house down to the studs and included a lot of custom work like the design of coffered ceilings and cabinetry. I'm sad it's over but excited about the results and a fresh new space!!" - Sherilee

Keller Williams Office Redesign

"I was thrilled to be able to design for Keller Williams in Kingstowne. I loved every second of the job!" - Sherilee 

Whimsical French Country

"I get so excited whenever I get a call from these clients to design for them. My partner at the time and I sold them the house and so getting to decorate it too is doubly sweet! They have the most whimsical taste I have ever come across - we follow no rules and just designed and picked pieces that make them feel happy." - Sherilee

Luxury Master Suite

"I love this client. She questioned me every step of the way - I like being challenged. It forces me to elevate myself and the way I work throughout the project. She wanted a sanctuary and loves orange. It was a complete floor to ceiling overhaul. We chose a neutral base with dramatic pops of the accent color and tons of textures." - Sherilee

Old World Eclectic 

"This time, my clients called me in to redesign their basement. They wanted an old world feel with lots of eclectic twists. We kept it super comfy to allow lots of lazing about with books and movies. We mounted vintage ladders to the wall to serve as bookshelves, naturally creating the rooms primary focal point." - Sherilee

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